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Located along the Savannah River and 71,000 acres of Clarks Hill Lake, Robert E. Knox Scout Reservation (K.S.R.) offers a one-of-a-kind camping experience on 535-acres.  Its seven miles of shoreline distinguishes it from other BSA camps in the Southern Region.  It is for this reason and others, including its temperate climate (with cool nights!), exceptional staff, and innovative programs, that K.S.R. is a destination for so many Troops, Crews, and Ships.

We are excited to share with you some of the following new highlights for Summer Camp 2024:


New Programs

Starting in 2024, we will feature merit badge bundles in every program area.  We want Scouts to make the most of their time, eliminating the need to travel across camp every 50 minutes with little time to change out of a bathing suit or delve into a merit badge class.  Instead, Scouts can use this time to take a deep dive into our programs and enjoy added perks!  


First Year and Older Scout Programs 

In addition to opportunities to earn merit badges, Scouts in our Jimmie Dyess First Year Program will be guided through fundamental scout skills, working through many of the early rank requirements from Tenderfoot to First Class at a newly dedicated site on camp.  

In addition to program bundles, such as Trail to Eagle, older Scouts can participate in a number of advanced programs, including BSA Lifeguard, BSA Pistol Safety and Marksmanship, horseback riding, golf, Advanced Archery, Iron Scout competition, Survivor Island Wilderness Survival, advanced water sports, and more.



Over the past year, several new facilities have been built at K.S.R., including the Rodger W. Giles Dining Hall, Sewell Admin Center, Camp Office, Trading Post, and Medical Lodge.  Scouts can now relax at meal-times in our newly constructed 6000 square-foot air-conditioned dining hall and look out at one of the best views of the lake on camp.  Additional projects that are imminent include a new parade field for camp assembly (in front of the Rodger W. Giles Dining Hall), a new Ecology Program area with access to the lake for fishing and other activities, new training pavilions, a new mountain biking facility, and a pistol range.  In short, we are investing in Knox Scout Reservation and we want you to be a part of it.  


Afternoon and Twilight Adventures

Our summer camp program offers more than just merit badges.  We want Scouts to experience the best that Knox Scout Reservation has to offer.  In the afternoons, Scouts can enjoy a range of activities and adventures, which include geocaching/orienteering, a high ropes course challenge, horseback riding, canoe and kayaking tours, and much more.  Scouts can also use this time participate in swimming activities or engaging in one of our shooting sports, rifle, shotgun, or archery; play disk golf (on our beautiful 9-hole course); go mountain biking; work on the BSA Stand Up Paddleboarding award; and earn one or more training certificates in any one of our advance programs.

We also have fun-filled adventures in the evenings.  Many of our twilight activities, such as astronomy (and other twilight merit badges), STEM Nova award program, and BSA trivia night (with prizes!), offer Scouts exciting opportunities to experience the most of the camping experience at K.S.R.


Adult Leader Programs 

Adult leaders, we have not forgotten about you!  If training is what you seek, then you can earn any of the following certifications: IOLS certification, Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, Leave No Trace Awareness, Paddle Craft Safety (Basic Canoe and Kayak), Swimming & Water Rescue, and much more.  On the other hand, If you seek adventure, consider participating in our Scoutmaster Challenge or Scoutmaster Shoot.  And, for those times that you need to decompress, you can relax in the scoutmaster lounge (with freshly brewed coffee, tea, and scoutmaster snacks).  These are only a few programs we have in store for leaders. 


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