Current Camp Improvement Projects

New Ecology Center

Completed in time for Summer Camp 2024!

Current camp improvement projects are underway and in line to be completed for Summer Camp 2024! We have several teams working on the following for Summer Camp 2024:

  1. Beginning Work on an Upgraded Aquatics Program Area with New Beach Swimming Area and Facilities 
  2. A New Ecology Center, Outdoor Classroom, connected Fishing Dock, and Nature Education Trail
  3. A New First-Year Program Site and Dedicated Pavilion
  4. A New Scoutcraft/Outdoor Skills Site and Dedicated Pavilion
  5. A New Flag Assembly Field in Front of our New 6,000 square foot Air-Conditioned Dining Hall
  6. A New Fred Shed in Staff Site
  7. A Program Fred Shed in the Shooting Sports Program Site
  8. A New Pistol Range
  9. Adirondacks in Camp Sites (Starting with an Eight Person Cabin in the Oconee Campsite) 
  10. And More below...