K.S.R. Dyess First Year Program

Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel James “Jimmie” Dyess was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions during World War II.  Dyess is one of only nine known Eagle Scouts who received the Congressional Medal of Honor.  He is also the only American to receive both the Carnegie Medal for civilian heroism and the Congressional Medal of Honor.  In 1929, he had been awarded the Carnegie Medal for saving two swimmers in 1928, off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.  

Our Jimmie Dyess First Year Program, which honors Lieutenant Colonel Dyess, is designed to introduce Scouts to basic scouting skills covered in Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class requirements.  Throughout the week of summer camp, Scouts will make their own toggle ropes; learn the seven essential knots and their applications; work on lashing and pioneering applications; develop fire building and camping skills; practice first aid and cooking; and earn their Firem’n Chit and Totin’ Chip. 

This exciting program is geared toward Scouts who are attending camp for the first time; but, the program is not limited to first-time campers.  In addition to the 10 scouting esstentials, participants in this program will need to bring the following items to summer camp: a day pack, ground cloth, sleeping bag, lightweight tent, Scout knife, compass, homemade first aid kit, and canteen or water bottle.  

Our K.S.R. Staff is committed to delivering an engaging, exciting, and memorable first year experience.


New to 2024: The Jimmie Dyess First Year Award and Completion Pin

All Scouts in the Jimmie Dyess First Year Program will receive a special participation patch to be worn during the week of summer camp.  Upon completion of the Program, Scouts will be recognized at the Friday Night Campfire with a special pin—one that can be added to a dedicated section on the patch.  The only way to earn this coveted award is to complete the Program.  Any Scout who completes this Program and returns for Summer Camp 2025 at K.S.R. will receive a second unique pin to add to their patch, and so on and so forth.